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We opened this online cheap hookahs store for all your hookah smoking needs. A hookah is a traditional Middle Eastern or South Asian glass tobacco water pipe used for smoking. It works by water filtration and indirect heat. It can be used for smoking many substances, such as herbal fruits. In present, hookah smoking is a very common practice in the United States and in various other Western countries, increasingly larger numbers of people being attracted by this more than 300 year-old custom.

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In recent years, shisha (nargile, peacepipe, hookah, sheesha, hubbly bubbly) has made a reemergence outside the traditional shisha smoking countries, especially with those not of Middle Eastern descent. For those of you not 'au fait' with the shisha, it essentially is a tobacco water pipe used for smoking purposes, originating about 500 years ago. The sheesha tobacco is heated by charcoals and the smoke is purified and cooled through the water after which it emerges through the the suction tube, from where it is smoked. The Shisha ranges from the mini (usually bought by tourists who probably won't smoke it again) to the regular metre high contraptions to the two metre monsters which grace some of the cafes. Flavours vary from the popular apple (and double apple), mint, strawberry, apricot, rose through to the super cool grape.

Al-Fakher Sheesha Tobacco

Al-Fakher Shisha tobacco

Al Fakher is a premium shisha brand in Middle East,it is considered the most flavorful brand available on the market.

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Soex Herbal Shisha

Soex Shisha tobacco

100% Tobacco Free, 100% Nicotine Free
The perfect amount of Nakhla shisha Molasses and variety to get started your smoking experience.

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Most of our hookas - tobacco water pipes are imported from the heart of Syrian and Egypt. All hookahs are very genuine, hand made and designed to last a lifetime.

Complete Packages

Save money with these packages. Each package comes complete with a kalian, tabacco, coal and other hookah accessories. These packages make great gifts for anyone who is new to the world of hookah smoking or someone who simply wanna get it all.

Rotating Hookah Package
Rotating  Calian

If you take pleasure lots of company while puffing on the hose of your favorite kalyan, then the Rotating Hookah Package is your choice. It's everything you need to get rolling, with the added comfort of a tangle-free, smooth sailing, rotating hookah.

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Premium Hooka Package
Premium hangila

Welcome to the top of all hooka packages.

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